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How to complain about a debt collector. If you feel that you have been mistreated, or harassed by a company you owe money to or a debt collection agency you can complain about the way you have been treated. You should first write to the company or debt collection agency in question expressing your complaint.

And we will keep calling, even if you are the wrong person ... because we're just calling a phone number and we don't know who actually lives at that number. The onus should NOT be on me, the current phone number holder, to prove that I do not have a debt in default.

D&A Services, LLC Debt collection department, I do not know Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine Florida. ... I was asked all my personal information to find out they were harassing the wrong person, I did not want to disclose my personal information over the phone. After they told me they had the wrong person and the name ...1 - Harassment by Telephone 1.1 - Harassment by Telephone - Follow Up 2 - Unknown Debt 3 - Doorstep Visit 4 - Legal Threat - Harassment by Telephone Just bear in mind that a DCA has no special powers and must be treated like any random person. The exception to this would be an enforcement officer who does have different rules.May 05, 2016 · So Sue Them: What We’ve Learned About the Debt Collection Lawsuit Machine. ProPublica spent years gathering data to shed light on how debt collectors use the courts.

Debt Collector Wrong Person Harassment. I have recently begun receiving calls from a debt collection company asking for someone I don't know. I told them I don't know the person they are looking for but they just keep calling from all over the nation, even leaving messages about how I need to pay them immediately if this random person doesn't. ...21 Sample Letters to Negotiate Debt and Get Debt Collectors to Leave You Alone This section contains sample letters you can use to negotiate reduced settlements or alternate payment arrangements with your unsecured creditors and debt collectors, as well as letters to send to collectors to stop debt collection harassment. This is required by law to ensure that the debt collector does not discuss a debt with the wrong person. Keep in mind, details about the debt cannot be discussed or disclosed until certain identifiable information has been obtained. As the debtor, you have a right to ask for verification of the debt. If the collector will not provide you with a ...Sometimes the issue of a claim can prompt the bailiff into settling without the need and expense of actually having to attend court. For more information, see Debt Collection Harassment. Contact PayPlan on 0800 280 2816 for free advice about how to deal with bailiffs and any underlying debt issues you may have.